Building Services

Building services offered by South Coast Building Company Limited (SCBC).

SCBC offers comprehensive building services to both the residential and commercial market.

The building services available consist of the following:

Site visit.
We will visit the site either post or pre the creation of any drawings or plans, with the customer, to understand the customers requirement. At this stage we are able to offer suggestions and advice that may enhance the build.

Building inspectors sign-off.

When the build is complete, we will arrange for sign-off by the local authority building inspector.

Insurance and certification

At the beginning of each project, we will provide the customer with details of our comprehensive insurance and our certification for the following.

Company insurance certificates

Site management certification

Scaffolding certification

Gas Safety compliance

First Aid qualifications

Electrician’s certification

H@S safety compliance

Property management, commercial property maintenance and commercial cleaning contracts.

We are also able to provide Property management, commercial property maintenance and commercial cleaning contracts.

Architectural plans and drawings.

In the absence of the architectural plans or drawings we are able to instruct and liaise with a fully qualified and well-established Architect to create comprehensive plans for sign-off by the client.

The following activities may be actioned simultaneously.

Three dimensional illustrations.

With our partner, we are able to produce three dimensional images that acurately display the finished internal or exterior build before construction begins. This provides a significant advantage to the build process because when the images are signed-off by the client there is little room for misinterpretation or misunderstanding. “A picture paints a thousand words”.
Consequently, there should be no error in the build process and, therefore, no unforeseen additional increased cost delays.

Interior designers.

We work in collaboration with interiors designers and our illustrators to provide images of the complete interior finish, including soft furnishings, light fittings, sanitary ware etc so that the customer has complete confidence in the final finish.

Structural engineers.

Most extensive renovations or new builds will need a structural engineer to be instructed who will work in tandem with our Architect to provide details of structural support. We work very closely with a local, proactive structural engineer who has been invaluable on a number of our previous projects.

Planning permission.

Most large-scale building projects will require planning permission. We have extensive experience working with our architect, independent planning consultants and local authority planning departments to successfully obtain planning approval on behalf of our clients.

Electrical and engineering report.

With our partners we offer a mechanical, electrical design services that meet technical engineering and statutory compliance, which are sympathetic to architectural and structural issues.

Sewer and drainage surveys.

We obtain all information regarding any existing any public drainage or sewage systems that may affect the build so that we may obtain any necessary build over permission without delay to the build.

Utility suppliers.

Most extensive build projects will inevitably require inaction with utility companies in order to move and or upgrade supplies. We will manage that process on behalf of our client.

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